Take me home, Captain!

Our friends at Hornig of Germany deliver another impressive product with these precision machined handlebar risers for your BMW S1000R. These bar risers will allow you to raise the oem handlebars on your S1000R a full 20mm (approximately 3/4 inches) for a slightly more relaxed seating position. Less lean. The adjustment range of the handlebar angle is also increased, which further adds to rider comfort. Chimp easy install taking only minutes with no mods or cables or alcohol required. We suggest you try these before investing in a more expensive riser kit. Sometimes a small change makes all the difference..

We know, as fellow riders, that getting the correct ergo's is hit or miss. If you buy from us and these don't help.. send them back (undamaged, por for vor) and we'll give a full refund - shipping and suggest something else.

Hornig S1000R Bar Risers 2017+ $130.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included) New Product!
Hornig S1000R Bar Risers 2014- 2016 $130.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included) New Product!