Take me hoe, Captain!

Isn't it frustrating that virtually every new motorcycle comes with crappy hand grips?? Most are paper thin and contribute to discomfort within only a few miles.. What up with dat?? Some riders choose to live with OEM grips.. Others like me toss them before the new bike smell wears off and try something else. IMHO.. getting your grips right is as important as a good seat.

There are lots of aftermarket grip options and as an unrepentant "grip whore"... I've tried many of them. I usually prefer gel grips over foam grips like Grab-On's or Grip Puppies as those tend to break down over time and they're too fat for my dainty little hands. Add to the equation that changing grips for some is intimidating. Especially if you have heated grips. I've known people that destroyed the heating element wires while trying to cut off their OEM grips.. DOH!

Grip Buddies Smartskin™ Grips with the new SMARTSKIN™ Technology.
These US made neoprene grip wraps (designated Super Sharkskins) are a wonderful grip option for those wanting more comfort, less vibration, durability, and a no-drama chimp-easy install. With Grip Buddies there is no need to remove your OEM grips.. Just wrap these babies around them (they attach via Velcro on the underside) and you're ready to ride in just a few minutes. Instant comfort without breaking your wallet..

Note: Grip Buddies are designed to work over OEM grips.. They generally do NOT fit over aftermarket grips. Keep that in mind before you order. Grip Buddies come with easy to follow instructions. Our kits fit all BMW, all Ducati, all Suzuki V-Strom, Kawasaki Concours C-14, 1000, Versys 1000 & 650, Honda CB1000, VFR 1200, NT 700V, CBR 600.. If your bike is not listed here, email us and we can probably get a kit for it.

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How-To Install Part 1- Left Side ..
How-To Install Part 2- Right Side ..

Smartskin Grip Buddies Offer:

  • Marked improvement in the Durability/Longevity with the new SMARTSKIN™ TECHNOLOGY.
  • Dramatic improvement in the feel and comfort of your hands on your grips!
  • Grips with “all-weather” qualities. These grips do not absorb water!
  • A heightened sense of control over your motorcycle due to the satisfied feeling that your hands have finally been properly “filled”. . . . . . just the right amount (enough, but not too much)!
  • A product you can easily and quickly install yourself over the OEM grips!
  • Grips that are “heated-grip-compatible.” You really feel the heat with these babies!
  • A durable, long-lasting solution that won’t migrate like some other brand grips.
  • An almost baffled feeling that such a seemingly small/inexpensive addition could make such a huge difference in your enjoyment of your motorcycle.

Grip Buddies Smartskin Grips $26.95.US (USPS Shipping Included) In Stock!