Take me home, El Capitan!

Pirates' Lair is proud to offer you the MotorCycle Cruise Control for the BMW K1300S and the 2005-2008 BMW K1200S. Tired of aching wrists and numb hands? Here's one solution that will rock your world. The Australian made MotorCycle Cruise operates by monitoring the road speed of the bike and uses a computer to maintain any 'set' speed. The computer is instantly deactivated by either front or rear brake lever pressure sufficient to turn on the brake lights or... the clutch. Press the 'resume' button and the bike smoothly accelerates to its previously set speed - as long as either the ignition or the cruise control has not been turned off. Advance the setting in 1mph increments to get the desired speed.

Out of all the ones we've sold for the venerable K1200RS, not a single one has ever been returned or had to be replaced due to probs. Those suckers are/were bulletproof and time-proven, unlike the problem plagued factory cruise controls. We'll assume the K1200S kit is every bit as durable and problem-free. Will post customer comments as soon as we get them. IMHO, an electronic cruise control is simply the best accessory you can buy for your K1300S or 2005-08 BMW K1200S if you plan on doing any touring..

* Substantially reduces the risk of getting tagged in suburban areas or on the highway.
Reduces stress and fatigue on long trips.. no more numb hands!
Significantly improves fuel consumption!
Lets you arrive at your destination more relaxed than ever before.
Provides instant emergency control. Both brakes or the clutch deactivate the cruise.
* Pirates' Lair liaison customer support.

Note from Pirate: K1300S instructions can be provided upon request. The the only difference between the K1300S kit and the K1200S kit is the fitting of a resistor in the tail light line to compensate for the LED tail light.. or so I'm told. Delivery time from day of order is generally 2 weeks. Arrangements can be made if customer needs the kit sooner. Install time varies from 5-6 hours for a "skilled" BMW mechanic.

MotorCycle Cruise for 2009+ BMW K1300S $1100.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included in US) Discontinued 5/21/15!
MotorCycle Cruise for 2005-2008 BMW K1200S $1145.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included in US) Discontinued 5/21/15!