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* Pics contributed by Sirs Christopher Martin & Rob Gross

Witness the German-made Bags Connection "City Bag" Quick-Lock Tankbag. One thing we have never sold at Pirates Lair is a full or midsize tank bag. Why? Most are butt-ugly and take away the beauty of these motorcycles. I've simply never found one "worthy" of our product line.. It's a midsize bag specially designed for motorcycle gas tanks that slope steeply downward to the rear of the gasoline filler cap like the BMW K1200RS, K1200GT, K1200S, K1200R, K1300S*, and R Sport. Despite the narrow form in the front, the expandable "City" tankbag offers a volume of 8 liters (12 liters when expanded.) Approximate City Bag Tankbag Dimensions: Height: 6.5" tall (tapers down in a wedge at rear) Length: 13.5" long Width: 10.5" (front radius) to 9" (rear width)

The Bags Connection City Bag features the innovative new SW-Motech Quick-Lock/Quick Release gas-cap mounting system. No straps.. no magnets.. no adhesive panty strips. Pull one pin and the bag lifts off the bike. The tankbag only lightly touches your gas tank at the back of the tank by the rider due to the unique mounting system. For the most part, 80% of the bag hovers over the tank with about 1/4" clearance so there's fewer worries about scratching your paint. Rain cover and shoulder strap is included and has it's own storage compartment. Lastly..we offer (because we love you) an optional map holder (not pictured) for those who don't own/use a GPS which snaps directly to the City bag and removes in seconds when you don't need it. Trust me.. this bag is cooler than freon.

Pic of the City Bag TankBag On 2009 BMW K1200R Sport...Click Here
Pic of the City Bag TankBag On Triumph Tiger...Click Here
Pic of the City Bag TankBag Mount Ring On 2015 R1200RS...Click Here

Our Type 120 Bag Kit fits the following bikes..
BMW 2002-05 K1200GT, 2006-08 K1200GT, K1200R, K1200S, 98-05 K1200RS, R1100GS, R1100R, R1100RS, R1100RT, R1100S, 00+ R1150GS, 00+ R1150R, 00+ R1150R Rockster, R1150RS, and the 04+ R1200GS and 06-08 R1200GS Adventure. Note: For the GS Adventures with the new screwless gas cap.. Customer will need a special adapter. Email me for details and pricing. Your GS bars may have to be rotated slightly forward, but you will be able to retain the crossbar.

Our Type 126 Bag Kit fits K1300R, K1300S, K1300GT, and R1200GS LC '13-'17 without Keyless Ride. Fits e models with 6 screws in a slightly rounded gas cap.
We've had one unconfirmed report that the City Bag is not compatible with bikes that have Heli-Bars installed.

Our Type 306 Keyless Ride Mount Kits fit the following bikes with keyless gas caps....
BMW R1200RS (beginning with '15 production dates)
BMW R1200GS LC (beginning with '15 production dates)
BMW R1200GS Adventure (beginning with '15 production dates)
BMW R1200RT (beginning with '14 production dates)
BMW R1250RT (beginning with '19 production dates)
BMW R1200R (beginning with '15 production dates)

Note: *If you have a late model BMW with the screwless type gas cap Click Here you will need a special adapter to use this tankbag. We can get the adapter. Email me for details.. Bikes which may or may not need special adapter.. BMW HP2 Sport, R1200GS, 09+ R1200GS Adventure, R1200S, '09- BMW R1200R, '06-'08 without screws)

Click for Larger Image.. If You Dare
Click for Larger Image.. If You Dare

The optional Bags Connection map holder is 10.5" long x 10" wide - big enough to fit several maps, a cell phone, pda, Walther PPK, iPod, and a small ham sandwich with sandwich stacker-style pickles. We've even received reports that some customers put their fancy new iPad inside, although we do not suggest doing this in wet weather. The Map Holder secures in seconds via velcro at the rear and two clips up front that attach to the front of the tank bag. Finally, a map holder that's big enough to use easily!

Exterior size: approximately 10" wide x 10.5" long .
Interior size: approximately 9.5" wide x 10" long
Click for Larger Image.. If  You Dare!

Notice of New Hardware: As of April 1, 2012 the hardware kits for attaching our Bags Connection City bags to your bike has been slightly redesigned. The kits are now BLACK in color (rather than the Silver pictured on this page) and a little sleeker, but functionally similar. I have NOT upgraded the pics on this page to show the new all black hardware as visually, it's very hard to see in pictures where the silver stands out better.

Type 120
City Tankbag Kit $280.US (USPS Priority Included)
Type 120
City Tankbag Kit / with Map Holder $310.US (USPS Priority Included)

Type 126
City Tankbag Kit for K1300S / K1300GT / K1300R / R1200GS LC '13-'17 without Keyless Ride $280.US (USPS Priority Included)
Type 126
City Tankbag Kit for K1300S / K1300GT / K1300R / with Map Holder $310.US (USPS Priority Included)

Type 306
CityBag Tankbag Kit for 2015+ R1200RS / R1200R / R1200RT LC / R1250RT- with Keyless Ride $310.US (USPS Priority Included)

City / Engage / Daypack 2 Bag Map Holder Only $45.US (USPS Priority Included)