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Click For Larger Image.. If You Dare!

Click For Larger Image.. If You Dare!

Once again, Pyramid Plastics is forced to complete what BMW's designers failed to do.. and without their astronomical pay. This easy to install 11 piece frame cap kit fits the 2019+ R1250RS / R1250R and the 2015+ BMW R1200RS LC / R1200R.

This frame cap kit is lovingly produced by Pyramid Plastics in the UK and is designed to snap into place with the tap of a rubber hammer or push of the thumb. This kit was originally designed for the 2015+ R1200GS LC, but the kit has now been upgraded to include end caps to fill the two extra holes found on the frames of the R1250RS, R1250R, R1200R LC, and R1200RS LC. Honestly.. can you live with those ugly holes BMW left for you??

Note from Pyramid: On the R1200RS and R1200R there is a large hole on either side down near the foot pegs for which our kits do not provide end caps and this is intentional. Our development director explained to us right from the design stage that in his view adding an end cap to these holes would cause dirt to become trapped in an area which needs to be left open as BMW have provided some form of adjustment inside these holes. He feels that technically speaking filling these two holes is a bad idea, but I must admit that every now and then a customer will ask us to explain this decision. All other butt-ugly frame holes are filled with the 11 piece kit. So now you know.

BMW R1250RS / R1250R / 2015+ BMW R1200RS LC / R1200R
Pyramid R12RS/R Frame Cap Kit $72.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)