Leave it to the guys at Rhinewest Performance, Inc. to develop a Cam Gear Kit for your late model BMW K1200LT. What does the kit do?? Expect a noticeable boost to your low-end torque... 10 additional ft pounds of torque in the midrange.... where it really matters. You will feel the difference. You want more torque? This is the kit for you. .

The link below is to a K1200RS install which is virtually identical to the LT install once you get under the plastic . Keep in mind.. these kits were discontinued years ago and these last few kits were just recently discovered in the Rhinewest warehouse. Once these are gone.. there will be no more.

How hard is the install? Rhinewest tells us it's a job best left to "real" mechanic.. BMW or otherwise. Look at the install link and decide for yourself.

These Rhinewest Cam kits were designed to work on a stock bike with a stock exhaust and oem software. They have not been tested with any aftermarket system. The RW Cam Kit does NOT include cams.. but instead, the kit replaces the cam sprockets. ..both intake and exhaust. (pic at right.) The kit includes both gears and a cam alignment holding fixture. No software changes are necessary. The RW cam gear kits fit 2005 and later K1200LTs only.


Cam Gear Sprocket Kit / 2005 & Later K1200LT $365.US (Fed/Ex Ground Included) Only (3) Left!! Discontinued by Manufacturer!