Take me home, Capitan!

Looking for a sleek way to mount a GPS or smart phone on your BMW K1600GT, K1600GTL, or Bagger? Of course you do. Each BikePenR GPS Mount is sleek, stylish, and amazingly attractive unlike virtually everything else on the market. You won't be ashamed to have it on your bike. BikePenR mounts, which are made in the Netherlands, are compatible with most Garmin GPS' including the Garmin 590, Streetpilot, Zumo 220, 550, 595LM, XT, 660, 665, and Montana TomTom Rider2, Pro and Urben Rider.

The centered, adjustable GT10-1 triple clamp mounts are impressive even by my anal standards. Install is chimp easy and takes less than 10 minutes by removing the cap and bolting the mount right into the triple clamp. No mods necessary. A one beer job even for the most incompetent.

While the GT10-1 mount was designed for a GPS, we've found a wonderful smart phone attachment. Check out the The Perfect Squeeze Phone Mount by Hondo Garage. This attachment works perfectly with virtually any smart phone. We do NOT sell these.. You'll have to order directly from them. It attaches directly to the GT10-1 mount. (see pic above right)

Bagger Application: Apparently Baggers come from the factory with different type handlebars. If your Bagger came with tubular bars you'll need to order the R-1 Mount. If your Bagger came with cast bars like the picture above left or like this... you'll need to order the GT10-1. Both mounts position your GPS dead center above your triple clamp. Both are an easy install.

Features of BikePenR Mounts
* Thorough suspension in rubber; drastically decreasing the chance of damage to your expensive GPS system trough high-frequency vibrations.
* The GPS-mount does not block the view towards the instruments/dials.
* Material: Durable anodized aluminum.
* Two year warranty.

TomTom Install for GT10-1 BikePenR Mount ..
View Of BikePenR Mount on 2012 BMW K1600GTL with StreetPilot 2820
Profile View Of BikePenR Mount on 2012 BMW K1600GTL with StreetPilot 2820

BMW K1600GT / GTL - Triple Clamp Mount
BikePenR GPS Mount for 2011+ K1600GT / K1600GTL - SILVER $195.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)

BMW K1600B.. Bagger - Triple Clamp Mount
BikePenR GPS Mount for K1600 Bagger/ Tubular bars - SILVER $210.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)
BikePenR GPS Mount for K1600B- Bagger / Cast Bars - SILVER $195.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included)