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The Akrapovic Black Titanium Slip-On exhaust system for the K16 Bagger / Grand America was developed for riders who want to make a change to the bike's look and sound with minimum modification. Ride in style with the Akrapovič Black Ti Slip-On exhaust system for this top-of-the-line BMW touring motorcycle. You will recognize this system by its unique design, which is outstandingly executed using top-quality titanium canisters and carbon fibre outlet caps. In order to make long trips enjoyable sound experiences as well, Akrapovič engineers have introduced further sound enhancements to this fine six-valve engine with this slip-On system. As you can see in this photo (at left) the exhaust system is compatible with BMW side cases.

Akrapovic exhausts are amongst the absolute best in the market. The high performance of Akrapovic exhaust systems reflects their use of state-of-the-art materials and precision hand-crafting, supported by computer analysis and testing by their development department in combination with constant feedback from the racetrack. Factory teams rely on Akrapovic to develop exhaust systems year after year and Akrapovic exhaust systems regularly take first place in tests carried out by reputed motorcycling publications. Expect increased performance while reducing dead weight on your ride while providing that deep sexy sound.

Power & Torque: The slip-on system increases torque by +0.9Nm at 4800 rpm, adds a marginal +3hp at 8050 rpm. Weight loss is -12lbs.

Like every aftermarket exhaust available for the K1600 series, your O2 sensors remains plugged into your factory header. How does it sound? Pretty damn awesome, IMHO. I'd say it's comparable the Remus Hexacone (with silencer.) It is NOT obnoxious and you should have no fears of annoying the neighbors.

The Akropovic comes with a 1 year warranty against breaking, cracking or rusting, but NOT discoloration. FYI.. All Carbon Fiber will discolor over time. System retains centerstand capability. Wondering about bag clearance? There's plenty.

Note: We try our best to match any posted price in the US. There will be a handling/processing fee imposed on ALL phone orders.. This does NOT apply to PayPal purchases or personal checks. FYI.. PayPal is a FREE and 100% secure service where you can use your credit cards, debit cards, and even send money directly from your bank account. When price shopping keep in mind that our prices INCLUDE shipping charges. Most places DO NOT.

In addition to the Akrapovic Black Titanium slip-on kit, Pirates Lair also offers a complete 6-2 stainless steel header system made by Remus (of Austria) which eliminates the catalytic converter which is located in the oem headers. The REMUS headers, sans the cat, further reduces the overall weight of the K16 exhaust system, reduces back pressure, and in turn increases power. The REMUS header system is fully bolt-on and does not require any modifications or engine mapping. These headers work with the BMW oem exhaust, all Remus slip-on kits, or Akrapovic slip-ons. This Remus header kit fits the 2017-2020 BMW K1600 Bagger, K1600GT, K1600GTL, and Grand America with (2) O2 sensor ports. They do NOT fit the 2022+ models with (4) O2 sensor ports. Check before ordering.

Installation Tip: While the Akra slip-ons are chimp easy to install.. Remus (and Pirates Lair) recommends that the Remus header system be installed by an experienced BMW technician or shop. Trust us on this one.

International Orders: Due to the size of the box the Akrapovic Black Ti slip-on kit ships in, we can NOT ship them internationally. Only to US addresses. However.. we do ship the headers anywhere in the world.. Email me for shipping quotes before ordering.

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BMW K1600 BAGGER / Grand America Slip-On / Optional Headers
Akrapovic K1600B / K1600 Grand America Black Titanium Slip-On Exhaust $2593.US (UPS Ground Included)
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2017-2020 BMW K1600B / Grand America Full System
Akrapovic K1600B / K1600 Grand America Black Ti Slip-Ons with Remus 6 into 2 Headers $4093.US (UPS Ground Included)