Take me home, Captain!

Pirates Lair has been searching for a "worthy" tank grip material for years and now we've found one in TechSpec's Gripster Tank Grips. If you want some serious paint protection for the highly abusive gas tank area of your 2015+ BMW R1200RS .. we've got your back.

Also.. by gripping the tank with your legs, a rider can improve the overall control of a motorcycle, control of their body weight, and obtain a more positive seat position. Improved control of the riders body weight will help improve overall handling. Increased control equals a smoother, less fatigued, and more enjoyable ride.

The material , called Snake Skin , is a standard rubber product that is about .125" thick and molded with a low profile diamond grip pattern to help increase the coefficient of friction. It's suited for riders of all skill levels and all conditions but especially for aggressive, higher skilled, track day riders. Snake Skin also uses TechSpec's "Releasable/Reusable adhesive" which means you can peel it off and reuse and not have to worry about all kinds of adhesives being left on your tank.

Each Tech Spec (3) piece R1200RS TechSpec kit includes R & L grip skins and a center tank piece as shown in pics above.

TechSpec's GRIPSTER Tank Grips are for the rider who:

- Wants to increase and maintain accurate control of weight and body position
- Is tired of their groin sliding up and into the tank, especially with passengers
- Wants to improve riding style
- Wants to decrease overall body fatigue
- Wants to improve weight adjustment of body and bike while in motion
- Wants protection in a highly abusive area of the tank
- Wants stronger, longer lasting erections

BMW 2015+ R1200RS TechSpec Gripster Kit $89.US (USPS Priority Included)