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Our customers ask for them.. and Pirates' Lair delivers again!! As beautiful as they are functional, the race-tested Synto Levers set the standard in a sea of "fugly," poorly made equipment. You own the most beautiful bike ever created.. shouldn't you choose your equipment with the same criteria? Produced in Germany, Synto Levers are CNC machined out of aircraft-grade aluminum and coated with a clear anodized finish. Levers are top quality (better than anything on the US market including Pazzo, CRG, etc.) with exacting specifications and tolerances for a smooth crisp feel with no slop as found on many aftermarket levers. Fully adjustable 6 positions so getting the ergos right on your bike has never been easier. You can even adjust these on the fly! Individual replacement parts are available. You deserve the best... the question is..what's in your wallet?

From one of our customers.. "The subject levers just arrived and I wanted you to know how well they are manufactured … clearly Aerospace Standard! Michael S.

Note: The Synto Lever Kits that we sell are sold as a complete pair.. Brake and shift lever. The standard BMW kits listed below will fit every model year K1300S, K1300GT, K1200S, K1200R, K1200R Sport, 2006-08 K1200GT, R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure, 2014+water-cooled R1200GSW and GSW Adventure, R1200R, R1200S, R1200ST, and HP2 Enduro
. The S1000RR Kit will fit ONLY the BMW S1000R thru 2015.

* K1200RS/ GT Heads Up: While I have them listed separately below, the K1200RS and early model K1200GT lever kits are the same. These kits will fit the 1998-2004 BMW K1200RS and/or the 2002-2005 BMW K1200GT.. We have determined that these kits do NOT bring the levers closer to the grips in case you are like me and buying these because you have small hands. However.. we are told by people that have purchased the kits that they do offer a better feel because of the shape... Good looks is a given..

Photo courtesy of Truitt Crump

Synto Levers..More Color Choices.. Click Here
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Length Choices / Long or Short.. Click Here
Image of Blue Synto Levers On Blue BMW K1300S.. Click Here
Image of Black Synto Levers On Silver 2008 BMW K1200GT.. Click Here
Helpful Install Tips for BMW 2006-2008 K1200GT .. Click Here

Every kit is a simple bolt-on affair. My first install took about an hour. Getting your ergo's right has never been easier.

Colors Available for Levers & Adjustment Wheel: Mix and Match

FYI.. All Synto orders are considered a special order item. as each kit is hand assembled per customers color specifications. We have these drop shipped directly from the US importer, by-passing us for faster delivery. and yes... Replacement levers are readily available should you drop the bike. Just call at 828.628.7093 EST

Color and Length Choices When Ordering: The part that actually bolts to the bike is black on all kits. Customer chooses the color of the lever and the adjustment knob. Synto also offers a long or short version. The long version is about the same length as stock. Silver levers are available in "short" only." Please specify in the message field when ordering the EXACT model and year of your BMW and what length and color you want for the lever and what color for the adjusters. If you do NOT see your bike listed here.. email me with your request. I might be able to get a kit for you.

FYI... As of 3/17/14 SILVER levers are not available. For some boneheaded reason.. the manufacturer has decided to discontinue only that color. Go figure.

Synto BMW Standard Lever Set Complete / Pair $298.US (UPS Ground Included Inside the US)

BMW S1000RR (All Years) & 2015+ S1000XR
Synto BMW S1000RR Lever Set Complete / Pair $298.US (UPS Ground Included Inside the US)
Synto BMW S1000XR Lever Set Complete / Pair $298.US (UPS Ground Included Inside the US) New Product!

BMW 2015+ R1200RS / R1200R
Synto BMW R1200RS / R1200R Lever Set Complete / Pair $298.US (UPS Ground Included Inside the US) New Product! Taking Orders Now!

BMW 1998-2004 K1200RS / 2002-2005 K1200GT
* Synto BMW K1200RS 1998-2004 Lever Set Complete / Pair $298.US (UPS Ground Included Inside the US)
* Synto BMW K1200GT 2002-2005 Lever Set Complete / Pair $298.US (UPS Ground Included Inside the US)