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Perfected on the race tracks of Europe.. brought to you by Pirates' Lair. Witness the bad-ass looking Quad L/R Stainless Steel Black Exhaust System for the BMW K1600 Bagger and K1600B Grand America. We offer these in both slip-ons or a full exhaust. Also.. for those simply wanting to eliminate their HP killing catalytic converter, we sell a 6 into 2 header system as a stand-alone option which works perfectly with your oem cansiters.

The initial inspiration behind the REMUS Quad Exhaust design was to create a similar look as the REMUS sport exhaust for the BMW F8x M3/M4. A horizontal quad optic that is defined by elegance yet aggressive with a deep sound for which REMUS is renowned for since 1990. Throughout the R&D process of designing the custom exhaust, REMUS reached out to the BMW community to listen to customer feedback & requests. Therefore, after many miles in different test environments carried out on US soil, the final specification of the custom exhaust is also the result and accomplishment of BMW K1600 Bagger rider input around the globe.

The REMUS Quad exhaust is proudly hand made in Austria and is manufactured using quality T304 grade stainless steel. The exhaust is finished off with a high-temperature flat black coating which provides a clear contrast to the stock chrome pipes. REMUS's main goal is to offer a custom exhaust with a bold & aggressive look while simultaneously maintaining slick & aerodynamic lines that enhance the overall design of the motorcycle. The staggered, angled cut & rolled exhaust tip design add to the clean bagger lines without being obtrusive.

Click for Larger Image.. If You Dare!
Click for Larger Image.. If You Dare!

So how does it sound? Expect a a deep & throaty growl that turns into a roar during hard acceleration. Furthermore, REMUS includes a set of 4 quieter "touring baffles" which can be used for those engaging in longer rides or when a pillion rider is on-board. Building upon the success story of the REMUS sport exhaust for the BMW K1600GT & GTL range, the REMUS sound is never generic, instead, it is individually engineered to the cravings of motorcycle riders around the globe.

In addition to the quad slip-on custom exhausts, REMUS also offers a complete 6-2 stainless steel header system which eliminates the catalytic converter which is located in the oem headers. The REMUS headers, sans the cat, further reduces the overall weight of the exhaust system, reduces back pressure and in turn increases power. The REMUS quad slip-on and header system are both fully bolt-on and do not require any modifications or engine mapping.

Disclaimer: Remus (and Pirates Lair) recommends that the Remus header system be installed by an experienced BMW technician or shop. Trust us on this one. Also.. Due to the demise of Remus USA's relationship with Remus Austria, all Remus orders from Pirates Lair will be coming directly from our source in Europe. Expect at least 4-6 weeks delivery times unless marked otherwise...

International Orders: Due to the size of the box the Bagger slip-on kit ships in, we can NOT ship them internationally. Only to US addresses. However.. we do ship the headers anywhere in the world.. Email me for shipping quotes

Click for Larger Image.. If You Dare!

BMW K1600 BAGGER / Grand America Slip-On / Optional Headers
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BMW K1600 BAGGER & Grand America Full System
Remus K16 Bagger Quad L/R Stainless Steel Black Full Exhaust System / Headers Included $3880.US (US Shipping Included)

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