Pictures contributed by Sir Al Hermann
The Limited Edition BMW R1200RT Stealth Backrest...

Behold... the limited edition R1200RT Stealth Backrest®. After a full year of research, development and real-world testing the RT Stealth backrest has turned out to be, as expected, a thing of beauty, simplicity, and comfort and.. a worthy addition to the Pirates' Lair line of specialty BMW products. However... our RT version is a one time offering. Once they are gone, there will be no more.

The all stainless steel stealth bracket with it's patented design bolts directly to the rear factory rack via 2 nuts and blends perfectly with the lines of the bike. The production versions are covered with a slightly textured silver powder coating that closely matches the color of the factory rack. The backrest's polished stainless steel slide bar slides on and off the bike in under 20 seconds and.. without tools.

Install of the stealth rack is a simple 5 minutes install (pic at right.) It'll take you more time to find the one wrench you ned from your tool box than the actual procedure involved. Once on, you'll notice our cover material matches the black factory seat perfectly.

Note: We have not found material for the gray seat cover yet. Fits 2005-2010 R1200RT .

Customer Comments...

"Just wanted to say thank you for the backrest for my R1200RT. It looks great on the bike! Now I know what took so long in getting this to the finished product. You have put a lot of time and energy into fabricating the backrest and I am glad to have waited for your backrest than to purchase another brand that I would not have been happy with. The best of all...the wife loves it. She has said that it is so much more comfortable than the BMW topcase and it gives her more room in the seat. Well worth the money". Marty Srodawa / Denver, Colorado.

The addition of my new Stealth for the RT has got to be at the top of the list when talking passenger comfort accessories. Not only is the quality, fit and finish second to none but finally somebody offers a product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Have you seen the stuff that's currently offered from BakUp, RCU Designs and others? They may be somewhat functional, but they're as ugly as a busted blister! Definitely not something I'd put on my motorcycle. Riders and passengers need to know they shouldn't settle for anything but the best - the Stealth. Michael P. / Cape Coral, FL
"I just received and installed the backrest for my 2009 R1200RT. I am totally satisfied with the ease of installation, the appearance and function." John O'Connell / Burke, VA

Here Ye.. Here Ye: There will be only ONE PRODUCTION RUN. Once these (80) units are gone.. there will be no more no matter how much begging or BJ's are offered. We're just selling these to recoup our R & D costs. They are simply too expensive to produce due to the skyrocketing costs of materials. So if you're on the fence... this is your only chance to make your move. Consider yourself forewarned.
R1200RT Stealth Backrest $390.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included) Sold Out!!! Discontinued 5/28/2010! No More Available!

SPECIALS: Want to save some money on a backrest? Not as anal as the rest of us poor bastards? On any given day, we may have a few slightly flawed brackets on hand. As the brackets are powder coated stainless steel, sometimes the manufacturing process or powdering process leaves tiny blemishes on the metal surface. Even though these brackets (and the blemishes) are covered in a rich, powder coat, I deem some of these "unworthy" of selling at full retail price hence the across the board $30 discount. FYI.. my standards are very rigid. Note: The actual padded section on ALL Stealth Backrests are ALWAYS PERFECT. None of the flaws effect structural integrity. Flaws are cosmetic only. Call for availability before ordering!! 828.628.7093 EST
Slightly Flawed R1200RT Stealth Backrest $360.US (USPS Priority Shipping Included) Out of Stock! Discontinued 5/28/2010! No More Available!