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OK.. You've reached the point where your oem ESA shocks are weeping, worn out, or just lifeless. You have two choices.. Spend the big bucks and replace them or bring your shocks back to life by having them rebuilt. EPM Performance (in NJ) offers customers complete ESA rebuild and refurbishing service for all late model motorcycles with ESA shocks by a factory trained technician. This service applies to all ESA shocks manufactured by SHOWA, WP, Marzocchi, and SACHS for BMW, Triumph, Yamaha, KTM or other bike models. Upon request, they can also shorten OEM ESA shocks for a lower ride height and can supply new springs (Hyperpro progressive springs) for the OEM ESA shocks.

How to Proceed...

You'll need to remove your shocks, clean them externally if they are nasty, then download and/ or print out this return form to ship with your shocks. If you have problems printing the form off our website, just email me and I'll forward the return form to you. EPM will inspect, rebuild, and return them directly to you when they are done. If there are any issues or problems during or after inspection, they will contact you and let you know your options. It really is a turn-key operation. and BTW.. Pirates Lair has been doing business with them for over 15 years so we trust them explicitly.

Pirates Lair does NOT accept payment from our customers for this service. (Pricing below) We serve only as a referral service and they give us a few shillings on the backside for the referral. Expect 3-4 weeks from the day your shocks arrive at their facility. Once complete, your shocks will be drop shipped directly to your door.

What Does The Rebuild Include: PART # 1

* Dismantling the shock, spring, retainers, hydraulic pre-load adjuster etc.

* Cleaning of the components followed by a visual inspection.

* Opening of the shock, draining the oil and removing the shaft with piston, shim-stack and seals. Thorough cleaning of all parts followed by visual inspection

* Visual inspection of stepper drive inside the bottom eyelet. If it shows rust or signs of water entering, we will test function with special test set up for continuous operation left and right as well as step by step motion.

* If function is Ok we leave it as is after cleaning the inside of the housing and setting it back to the original position. If the function is not correct customer will be informed about it and he has to make a decision to either stop the rebuild process and purchase a new shock, or give the OK to replace the stepper drive ( $ 355.00 for drive and labor). This problems does happen occasionally on early ESA models from 2005 – 2008/9 but has not been seen at the later model shocks.

* The hydraulic pre-load adjuster will be cleaned and visual inspected. We also do test the electrical function and check for the full stroke. If there is no sign of an oil leak and the full stroke is OK, we leave it alone.

* If the hydraulic pre-load adjuster shows a leak or other problem, we will inform the customer and he has to make a decision on what to do. Certain problems can be repaired, others require the use of a second hand unit from our stock or from the open market. There are no parts available from the OEM. We are in the process of remanufacturing certain mechanical parts as pistons and spindles. Stopping the rebuild process at this time is OK and will cost a nominal fee of $ 50.00 and return shipping of parts if wanted.

What Does The Rebuild Include: PART # 2

If there are no problems or the customer gives the OK to replace and repair other damages that we detected, we continue.

* Washing and cleaning the shock tube and visual inspection
* Installing Nitrogen gas refill valve on shock tube
* Reassembling of shock shaft with new bumper (if necessary) new or rebuilt seal head, cleaned shims (replace shims if necessary) and cleaned piston.
* Refilling the shock with oil and bleeding it.
* Recharging the proper Nitrogen gas pressure.
* Manually testing the shock for compression and rebound.
* Re-installing the OEM hydraulic pre-load adjuster and OEM spring

The customer has the option to replace the OEM spring with a Hyperpro progressive spring. This service applies to all OEM ESA shocks manufactured by SHOWA, WP, Marzocchi and SACHS for BMW, Triumph, KTM or other bike models.


Pricing of Rebuild / Service ESA Shocks (Excluding shipping)

ESA I front and rear = $ 289.00 each
ESA II front = $ 289.00
ESA II rear = $ 349.00
ESA Dynamic shocks front and rear = $ 389.00
ESA hydraulic pre-load adjuster – oil leak = $ 139.00
ESA stepper motor = $ 355.00 – we use OEM parts and to my knowledge are the only company that can get OEM stepper drives.

New springs (if requested) from Hyperpro are $139.00 in the standard Purple color, or $149.00 in Black.

The customer is encouraged to clean the shocks prior to shipping to EPM. If they are too dirty they will charge a cleaning fee of $ 20.00/shock. Usually they are from a GS. So basically, once received they take apart, clean, inspect, replace seal, install new gas valve, assemble with new oil and seal, recharge and test then return directly to the customer. Done.