R1150R Stealth Backrest® Customer Comments

Latest 9/16/07: First of all, let me thank you for the backrest for my 2004 BMW R1150R. I simply love it. For months I have been trying to find a back rest for my bike so my wife can go on rides with me. Step in, "Pirate Jerry" to the rescue. I received it today and installed it immediately. (I'm getting teary eyed just writing this). I looks great on my bike and it couldn't have been more easy to install; even for a mechanically challenged person like me. And a bonus, the backrest material matches the seat perfectly. I can't wait to take my wife for a ride and be the envy of other BMW riders. Again, "THANK YOU" for carrying the backrest and sending it so promptly.
Tony Montano / San Francisco, CA
Just wanted to say thank you for this product. It isn't cheap and that gave me some pause in ordering. But the paucity of alternatives and the safety and comfort of my son and my wife (both of whom ride with me upon occasion) ruled the day. But upon receiving the product I have to say it is worth every penny it cost. It is wonderfully engineered and beautifully crafted - everything it is advertised to be and more. In fact, it fits, looks and works better than some BMW original accessories I have purchased! It is good to know that some companies still take pride in producing superior products and you have made a fan of this buyer. Thanks much!
Peter H. Alexander / Executive Director... St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital of Central Indiana
I must have said, "Wow", 10 times while installing this backrest. You really must have put some thought into the design of this thing. Very "stealthy", very sturdy, simple, elegant, and it took me 20 minutes to install it. I could do it a second time in five minutes. My wife tells me that she now feels relaxed after a long ride on our BMW. She says that she no longer has to try to maintain a certain posture while we ride, which used to make her back sore. I now hear her talk about the things we saw while riding, instead of listening to complaints about aching muscles. I know this back-rest comes off easily, but I haven't removed it yet. I'm impressed with the close match to the factory seat fabric, and it really looks like an item that came with the bike, rather than an aftermarket one. It took less than 15 minutes to install the (hidden) mounting bracket, and the back-rest can be put on and taken off in seconds now. Thanks for making a much needed product for my R1150R. I really didn't want to spend over $800 for a custom seat, just to get the backrest that attaches to it.
Gary & Dawn Spolar / Cleveland, Oh.
Jerry, I got the backrest and installed it. The powder coating matches great, the install was simple and straightforward . I added small stainless washers to the mounting bolts. The backrest angle allowed for plenty of fore and aft room which we need since I am long legged and grandma is a little chunky.
George King / Irving, Tx.
The backrest is great. My kids have tested it for some short rides and they really love it. Now, when I accelerate, I don't have to worry about them falling off! ha ha! It was very clever and useful for you to have the two positions. The forward position is just right for my 9 year old son.
Robert Smith / Succasunna, NJ.
Jerry...your parcel arrived a moment ago and it is already installed on the bike. Looks and feels business; it received also an approving nod from my wife. Many thanks for a the good work!
Juha R / Samoens, France
Jerry, The backrest works great. A cinch to install, and then bride gives it a thumbs up for comfort. Put on a 100 miles the first morning with no complaints. Attached you'll find a few pictures. Thanks
Dave and Sherry Gillis / Calais, Me.
I got my backrest right on time yesterday. What a pleasure to deal with! It did only take minutes to install. Especially since the new rack came in on the same day. Took longer to get the tools out than to install it.Very first class job on the backrest/parts. I know my girlfriend is going to love it too! Its amazing what we spend to keep them happy! LOL
Aaron Sacks / Westhampton Beach, NY
Just got back from a 2,000 mile trip into Montana and Canada... the backrest is awesome coupled with a T-Bag we had a nice amount of storage. I would not change a thing on the design. I would suggest in your installation instructions that you recommend using a medium grade of locktite on the bolts. There are 3 grades of locktite and if you use the highest or strongest (can't think of the color) you will have to break the bolts to get off the bracket. The other two grades hold real well but offer you the ability to take off the bracket someday. This is for us cheapo's who don't like to give a dealer anything more than the base bike when we trade it in. Good luck.
John & Jonna Weeks / Salem, OR
Jerry, ..Some feedback for your site..I would encourage anyone considering the purchase of the stealth backrest to get off the fence and buy one. ...Install time? 15 minutes if you are a wrenchin retard like myself..... otherwise you'll be drinking your favorite beverage admiring the quality craftmanship and thinking "why couldn't I come up with something like that..." Before I bought this rest, my wife was unhappy as a passenger on the 1150R and we had been considering a different bike. The very first time she rode with me with the backrest installed she changed her tune. The first stop sign we came to, she leaned up and said "this is much better. I feel so much more secure and comfortable".I've conversed with Jerry quite a bit during the production and purchase of this rest. What I've found, is a great guy who is doing something he's passionate about and everything he puts his name on, screams quality.He also has been very accomodating to a special need that I had and will be doing business with him again in the near future.
Brian Wilder / Monroe, Ohio.
Just installed my R1150R backrest...100 % satisfied....thanks! Fit and finish is Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ride More! WFO! Danny!
Theresa & Dan Blais / Derry, NY.
The backrest was easy to install. The hardest part was getting the stock screws out of the underside of the luggage rack. It looks good. I think it gives the rack itself a more finished look as the mounting bracket forms a bottom for the rack. I mounted it and the next day took off on a 1000 mile trip with my T-bag hanging on the rest. It worked like a champ. I don't have the pictures developed yet but I'll scan them for you when I do. My wife just had surgery so it may be a couple more weeks before she tries the backrest. She does like the looks of it.
Follow-up: My wife and I did about 200 miles on the bike this past weekend. Loaded up the expandable T-bag and hung it on the backrest. No problems. My wife liked the backrest just fine. I was afraid she would fall asleep back there. Now she wants a more comfortable seat!
Dennis Haggerty / Copperopolis, CA.
Backrest worked great! We road 750 miles in 3 days and my wife loved it. Thanks for your help in gettig it out fast. My wife can't imagine riding without it. Thanks again.
Mike Hurst / Spokane, Wa.
The BMW R1150R: A naked bike with the fusion of street style and hints of a touring contour, while comfortable enough for a short or long trip. The one lacking element to complete this timeless design lies in the security of your passenger. Until now!
Had the engineers sketched plans for a versatile backrest to compliment the "R's" character, it'd mirror Jerry's intuitive attention to detail, style and confidence. From installation to application the single most compelling thought remains it's purist approach. It's simply the missing link with an identical fit of form and function.
Quick delivery - nicely packaged - simple, three step installation - security - quick removal - quality service and attention you can only find from a budding entrepreneur like Pirate.
John Nunziato / New York City, NY.
The backrest has arrived and it is everything you promised. We took a 50 mile ride tonight and my wife loves it. Angle of the bend is just right and the entire design is very solid and secure. Great workmanship and it looks terrific on the bike. I can't imagine that a factory accessory could be any better. Installation was simple with the exception of removal of the 6mm torx head screws from the factory rack. I think they must be using Loc-tite or some other fastener compound. I stripped the head of one screw using the torx wrench in my tool kit and had to use a combination of a screwdriver and vise grips to remove it. The others were less difficult. Your assembly design was flawless. Thanks again for making this backrest available to R1150R owners. I am sure when others see this backrest you will receive many more orders.
Ken Hopping / Chagrin Falls, Ohio
I love the idea of a backrest. Even though Doug is a careful driver the idea of falling off the back of the bike is frightening. The backrest that you sent is very sharp looking and easy to install. It fit the bike well and looks BMW made!! Great job. The backrest was like taking a Valium. I had no stress or tension. I had complete support in my lower back and felt safe leaning against it.. even during hard acceleration. At first I thought it should be a little taller, not wider though. After the ride home from dinner I was even more relaxed and was not conscious of the backrest. The backrest also supports my hips perfectly. The curvature of the rest applies pressure equally to both pelvic crests. We plan on taking the rest this weekend on a long trip I will write more later to let you know what I thought. Great design.. works wonders for Doug and I."
Marsha F / Niskayuna, NY
I concur with all the comments on the r1150r.net site about this being a beautifully engineered and easy to install accessory. I does look like OEM equipment. My wife loves it. An added benefit for me is that it provides a secure rest for my helmet while I get the my other gear on or off, load up, etc. I'll start hinting for your T-Bag as Christmas approaches. Looking forward to future offerings for the 50R Thanks.
Keith Siers / Felton, DE.
Backrest arrived fine. Fitting was as easy as promised and I and very pleased with the result, but my partner is even happier. Thanks
Colin Hardy / Durham, England
I'm a little late here but, I wanted to inform you that I received the backrest and instructions in supberd condition and installation was a snap.
It's a beautiful addition to an awsome bike. Thanks
Peter Smith / Virginia Beach, VA
Today, I received my brand new R1150R Stealth Backrest. It is everything that Pam and I hoped for. installation took only about 10 or so minutes, the enclosed instructions were very simple and straight forward. The mounting bracket is very well made and is powder coated and is virtually invisible when installed. The backrest pad is very well made by Sargent and the slide bar has a nice brushed finished. Even the most anal among us will recognize the quality. The backrest looks great on the RR, looks like it was designed by the same industrial engineers that designed the System Cases. This evening when my better half gets home we are going for a ride.
Pam & Dean Lear / Show Low, AZ.
....since I put that Stealth Backrest on my 1150R those riding dates on the Blue Ridge Parkway seem to be much better.
Gene Piscitelli / Winston Salem, NC
Recieved all the R1150R Stealth kit am 3/22/2005 and fitted it same evening with no poblems. It works well, looks good and my lady is well impressed. No more lone rides I guess ?Many thanks a great bit of gear. You guys have a good Easter and ride safe.
Mike Rowton / Cornwall, United Kingdom
As I mentioned to Amber on the phone, I have had a Stealth backrest on my BMW R1150R for the last few years that my wife has really enjoyed. When I picked up my new R12GS a couple of weeks ago, she insisted that our first accessory would be another Stealth backrest to replace the one that followed my Roadster to its new owner. The RR backrest was a very well designed and constructed product, and I’m looking forward to our new GS backrest with great anticipation.
George W. Coppenger / Tallahassee, Florida
Jerry, the new backrest for my R1150R is simply the best. My wife, who was petrified about riding because she thought she was going to fall off the back, now asks me all the time ‘when we are going riding’. And I have now had the pleasure of taking both of my young boys on long rides, as I remember doing with my Dad. Having both settings really makes it more comfortable, depending on who’s on the back. Your staff was really a pleasure to deal with – I recommend your site to everyone.
Charlie Broe / New Windsor, NY
8/13/07: I received the Stealth Backrest & Helmet Bag on Sat.. Installation, on my 2004 R1150R could not have been easier and I am very happy with the quality and appearance of the backrest and bag. My wife and I went for a ride that afternoon and she really liked the fit of the backrest. Good job. Thanks.
Glenn Kalmowitz & Robin Whitehurst / Annapolis, Maryland