Take me home, El Capitan!

BMW's low-riding bagger, the K1600B tips the scales at over 700 lbs. and the Grand America at 800 lbs and depending on how the bike is equipped, it can weigh substantially more. . If a fall should occur, the resulting repairs will put a big dent in your retirement account and your ego. Wunderlich (of Germany) now presents a solution to minimizing expensive damage. Some of the features are.....

  • Stylish, perfectly integrated design with robust plastic coating
  • Along with the case protection bars, has a cast appearance
  • Equal distribution of forces over all hold points
  • Protects during skids and worse crashes
  • Crash bar suitable for BMW K1600B and Grand America
  • Compatible with the original BMW auxiliary lights
  • Greatest possible lean angle freedom
  • Detailed and very easy to understand instructions
  • Easy fitting without changing the body
  • Available in Chrome or Black

These engine protection bars have been especially tailored to the body of the Bagger. The bar incorporates the contour of the engine and the body and extends this up to our case protection bars. Stripped back to the essentials, the bar reliably protects the engine and the body in the worst case scenario. For Wunderlich Bag Protection Bars.. Click Here..

The protection components offered here are available in a black powder coat finish or chrome plated. They are supplied with all needed parts and instructions for a straight forward installation that requires no permanent modifications or alterations to the bike. These kits fit the 2018+ BMW K1600B (Bagger) and K1600 Grand America.