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Perfected on the race tracks of Europe.. brought to you by Pirates' Lair. Witness the bad-ass looking Remus Titanium HyperCone Slip-Ons for the king of superbikes... the 2015+ BMW S1000RR .

The new Remus HyperCone provides you with a deeptone sound level. Not too loud as the factory cat is still in place. The benefits of the Remus HyperCone are: Lightweight... Deep Sound... High quality materials.. Extra ponies.. Longer lasting erections.

Quality of these systems, which are made in the Austria, is first rate and sets new design standards in the exhaust community. The innovative design improves both performance and noise reduction while reducing dead weight on your ride while providing that deep sexy Remus sound.

The 2015+ S1000RR Remus HyperCone kit is available in 3 finishes. Titanium, Stainless, and the SS Black. All 3 super light-weight canisters come with a carbon fiber end cap. Sweet. Connector mid-pipe and all mounting hardware is included. Bike retains heat shield.

No.. the Remus HyperCone does NOT eliminate the catalytic converter. Your O2 sensor remains plugged into your factory header. All exhaust piping and hardware are made of lightweight 321 aircraft stainless. Your stock canister is a 3.15lbs.. The Remus Titanium HyperCone canister is 2lbs / 6oz. The Remus S1000RR HyperCone comes with a 1 year warranty against breaking, cracking or rusting..

Titanium HyperCone Slip-on

SS Black HyperCone Slip-on
Stainless HyperCone Slip-on

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