Take me home, Captain!

Does this make you horney?

Now that Pirates' Lair has become the center of the known universe...you knew that it was just a matter of time before we started blatantly advertising on your heads. Might as well get some use out of them. Here's a way to support your favorite motorcycle accessory vendor (hopefully that's us..) and add to your wardrobe.

The front of our plundering hats (similar to pic at left) feature the Pirates' Lair logo in a very sexy font over authentic clip-art swords for a timeless metro-sexual design. On the back, to complete our marketing ploy.. our URL (pic below) under the bold words.. Substance Over Image. If I have to explain what these simple words infer.. you aren't worthy of our hat. You could ask the nearest Harley rider..

Each "Port Authority" brand hat is 100% cotton, unstructured, with a low profile so even if you wad them up in your tank bag or backpack they'll come out relatively unscathed. Each has an adjustable brass closure snap in the back and a nearly 3" long bill. Long enough to satisfy even the most discerning cap aficionado. All the sewing is done in the USA by bonafide, documented Americans.

To make decision making easy, we offer our hats in one stylish color... Dark Charcoal. The material is stone washed and they look damn cool. They are a lighter color than black and darker than gray. Just right. Price below includes shipping in the US.

Balding? Sunburn easily? Born ugly? or just want to impress the ladies? Cover that head with this stylish plundering cap and gain our gratitude by supporting Pirates Lair! The Pirates Lair Plundering hat... the simple, elegant solution for helmet hair or lack thereof. Wardrobe still incomplete? Check out our Pirates Lair Plundering Tees.. Here!

Substance Over Image!

Pirates Lair Plundering Hat / Dark Charcoal $20.US (USPS Priority Included Inside the US) SOLD OUT!