Pirates' Lair is proud to offer our MV customers the finest stands on the market... the legendary Pit Bull Stand..Yes.. your bike came with a stand but have you actually tried to use it? By yourself? Good luck. After only a week of having to ask my wife to come down to the shop every time I need to put it up I gave up and bought the best on the market.. the Pit-Bull.

The One-Armed Rear Wheel Stand (above left) fits all MV Agusta's with single-sided swingarms. It offers great leverage and stability and the ball bearing head makes it easy to spin the wheel for chain lubing. I can even roll my bike around when it's on the lift!

We also offer the Forward Facing One-Arm Reversible Wheel Stand (above right) When installed on the left side it allows for rear wheel removal. When installed on the right, it allows for easy sprocket changes or removal.. On the left side, the handle is forward of the bike. On the right side, the handle is behind the bike. Simply the best of both worlds.

Unlike the factory stand, the US made Pit Bull stands allow for one person easy operation without the fear of your $20,000.00 toy crashing to the ground when lifting. Both rear one-armed stands fit every model year MV Agusta F4 (750 & 1000cc), Brutale, and the Ducati 1098 and can be adapted to work on virtually all single-sided swingarm bikes if you change out the pin (available directly from Pit Bull)

Note: This item will drop-ship directly from the manufacturer, bypassing us for quicker delivery. Expect about a week for delivery. Our prices INCLUDE ground shipping in the continental USA. Due to the size of the box, we can NOT ship this item internationally.

Pit Bull Rear One-Arm Stand for MV F4 /Brutale/ Ducati 1098 $190.US (Fed/Ex Ground Included In US)
Pit Bull Rear Forward Facing Reversible One-Arm Stand for MV F4 /Brutale / Ducati 1098 $215.US (Fed/Ex Ground IncludedIn US)

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