R1150R Comfort Seat / Stealth Compatibility
The R1150R Stealth Backrest® was designed to used exclusively with the stock seat, however it can be used with the optional factory Comfort seat but there are a few considerations to be aware of.
First..Due to the tallness of the Comfort seat, in order to use the backrest, you will have to remove the taller seat in order to slide the backrest on to the bike or off.
Secondly... the slide bar will actually come in contact with the seat material. (see picture) This may or may not cause long term damage to the seat material. I would imagine that some scuffing will occur.
Lastly... as the passenger will be sitting 1-1.5" higher on the bike, the backrest will seem about 1" too low for most adult passengers. Children should be fine.
Will Pirates' Lair be offering taller bars any time in the future to accommodate Comfort seat owners? Not likely.. but special requests do happen from time to time. 314.647.1320CST