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The all new redesigned TBR slip-on system for the K1300S and K1300R offer unsurpassed craftsmanship and improved performance. These are just a few of the benefits that you gain by adding one of the all new M-Series slip-on exhaust systems to your bike. By reducing the weight improving the horsepower and torque, our new slip-on for the K1300S or K1300R are exactly what you need for unlocking all that your bike has to offer.

M-2 Series Canister Information:M-2 Series Information: Their M-2 oval exhaust system features the TwoBros exclusive Teflon coated, blunted, cast magnesium outlet that not only looks too cool but also allows for various silencer inserts. These are the smallest canisters on the market measuring a full 1" shorter than the competition.

Black Series: The "Black Series" is Two Bros prestige line of high performance exhausts! Black Series systems are fitted with black bands, black inlet/outlets, and a black endcap.

Logo or No Logo? Many prefer their canisters to be a little more clandestine.. Not a problem. The M-2 canisters shown here have a sticker.. not the old style metal logo. The sticker can be peeled off BEFORE starting the bike. No problem.

Click For Larger Image.. If You Dare!

Click For Larger Image.. If You Dare!
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Pirates' Lair includes the TBR P1 PowerTip sound suppressor (usually a $30 option) with all TwoBros exhaust systems with M2 outlets. Use it.. or not! The P1 is a straight-through sound diffuser which quiets the pipe by 2 to 3 dB while actually adding measurable HP gains from the middle to the top of the powerband. Easy to install - simply unbolt your existing M series end cap, drop in the P1 and reassemble. We even give our customers a choice of 2 colors at no extra charge. Black or Gold. Just specify when ordering.

Carbon Fiber M-2 Slip-Ons

Titanium M-2 Slip-Ons

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